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We are a team of experienced copywriters. We create the words and images that make your audience engage with your brand.


Do you want copy that resonates with your audience?

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  • Email newsletters
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Editing & Proofreading

Typos make your message sound unprofessional.

Mistakes can actually change your meaning completely.

Professional proofreading and editing make you sound smart. And you’ll crack the nod from Google with your error-free prose.

Search Engine Optimisation

When people look for business who offer the solutions you sell, do they find you?

We make sure they do.

Social Media Marketing

Build a tribe who love what you do.

We make sure you stay connected.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You want prospects, and you want them to buy from you. People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

We create the content that tells them who you are. We manage the way it gets shared to make your prospects like you.

We create and manage digital marketing strategies that make your potential clients trust you.

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Content Marketing is Storytelling. It’s That Simple

According to Seth Godin, “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left”. This is great news! Small businesses in South Africa don’t have big corporate budgets. They don’t have a suited marketing team with letters behind their name and unpronounceable titles....
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How do you identify your best customer?

If you live in South Africa then, at some point, you will have had a stranger knock on your window at the traffic lights and offer you a flyer. If you’re anything like me, you say a polite “no thank you” and leave it at that. (Or you take the carefully designed flyer...
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What is the point of a marketing strategy?

Your Marketing Strategy: A road map to success or a waste of money? What is someone in the world doing every 1.2 seconds? Our friends at Google tell us that over the past 12 months over 673 000 searches have been done for the word “marketing”. That’s a lot of traffic....
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SEO Strategy – in Five Simple Steps

What is SEO Strategy, and how does it apply to me? A lot of our clients seem to approach online marketing as an afterthought. Truth be told, it often seems like they have no marketing strategy in place at all. Which is actually okay, because strategy –...
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Cornerstone content: SEO secrets to make you REALLY stand out

I have recently moved house. And I now have a (somewhat green) pond at the bottom of my garden. Ponds = frogs. As I lay there last night listening to their delightful chorus, it occurred to me that their songs sounded exactly like the online marketing space. Bear with...
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Long-tail keywords: How do they capture the best leads?

Long-tail keywords equal ready-to-buy customers. Imagine this: You’re on a busy street and a stranger comes up to you. She asks, “Can you tell where Long Street is?” You will assume she wants to visit Long Street. Logical. Simple. Ok, so imagine this lady says to you,...
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